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Conjunction Mars – Ascendant. Brave creators

Connection is a complex aspect, since it gives the strongest pressure of energy, which requires immediate implementation in social activity. If the native does not understand this, nervousness, irritability arises, and on the external plane – the destruction of global plans.

This is especially true for the owners of the conjunction of Mars and the Ascendant. The warlike planet endows them with unbridled courage, willpower, physical endurance and enterprise, and if these qualities are not found worthy of useful use, injuries out of the blue and fights over nonsense begin to happen.

The influence of the Mars-Ascendant conjunction on fate

A native is a leader who welcomes confrontation with competitors. Fear is unknown to him, but the excitement and anticipation of victory over the enemy inspires and fills with energy. He will wither away in a quiet job in a friendly team. He needs rivals for adrenaline, and bringing criminals and intriguers out into the open is a favorite pastime that gives a feeling of fulfilling a noble mission.

In its highest manifestation, the conjunction of Mars and the Ascendant forms a crime fighter, warrior and athlete with a firm code of honor, fighting by the rules and merciful to the defeated enemy. At a low level – a bully, a brawler, an egoist and a criminal who violates law and order for the sake of selfish desires.

When Mars is in the 12th house and weighed down by negative aspects, ill-wishers can play a fatal role if the native does not learn to curb primal instincts: anger, anger, the desire to solve the problem with fists, and not hard work and perseverance.

Mars in the 1st house in a similar situation threatens with head injuries and gunshot wounds, so from an early age you need to cultivate endurance and discretion. The connection also affects the appearance, character and events in life:

  • aggressiveness, hoarse, breaking voice, reddish complexion, folds over the eyebrows, early wrinkles;
  • athletic figure in guys, masculinity and increased body hair in women;
  • courage, independence, energy, talkativeness and obsessiveness in communication;
  • lack of tact, rustic manners, irritability;
  • increased sexuality and appetite, lack of high material demands: content with little in everyday life;
  • adventurism, hot temper, impulsiveness, the desire to defend one’s own opinion at all costs;
  • the ability to lead, structure chaos and lead people to the exit (if there is a strong Saturn or a good aspect with him);
  • cruelty, lack of emotional empathy and pity.

Undoubtedly, all these qualities will be more pronounced when the planet is in fire signs and weaker if Mars is in Cancer or Pisces . A position in Scorpio gives deep leadership abilities combined with strategic thinking and a desire to calculate the options for the consequences of a decision.

Love and marriage with the Mars-Ascendant conjunction

A man with this aspect is magnetically attractive to women. It seems to exude pheromones, to which crowds of fans fly. He does not need to be beautiful, animal sexuality and charisma endow the image with an irresistible appeal. Huge energy potential and painful need for independence make it easy to earn money already in youth, which adds desirability in the eyes of ladies.

Personally, he needs finances only to maintain status and freedom of choice, but he will be happy to spend on his family if there are no negative ties with Saturn , but there is support from Jupiter .

However, getting a man with a Mars-Ascendant conjunction as a legal spouse is not easy: he prefers independence and passionate short-term relationships of an adventurous nature. Usually chooses a woman of an athletic type, capable of being a friend and companion without unnecessary sentimentality.

Girls with this aspect suffer from a masculine appearance: wide bones, muscularity, tough straightforwardness in communication. They are perceived as their boyfriend, not a likely sweetheart. If they abandon the feminine part of their being, choosing the image of a commander in a skirt, then as a result, hormonal disorders of an androgynous nature may occur. It is important to develop femininity and flexibility of thinking, without giving up the leadership position and the sport they love so much. Strengthening Venus along the line of the zodiac sign, where it stands, as well as decorations with red and green pomegranate, carnelian and corals will help.

Practical interaction of the Mars-Ascendant compound

The main problem of the owners of the Mars-Ascendant connection is aggressiveness, which they cannot transform into positive emotions and actions. It can be overt: a fierce argument, fight, violence, anger for any reason, and hidden: drunkenness with self-pity, whining, depression, the position of the victim, and as a result, energy vampirism. Therefore, it is vitally important for the native to go in for sports of a competitive nature in order to satisfy the need to defeat rivals in a legal way and at the same time relieve excess nervous tension. For men of this type, sexual abstinence is harmful, they simply start to go crazy and behave inappropriately.

Women feel bad in subordinate positions, they need a sense of freedom in making decisions, especially if their Mars is in Leo and Aries .

Jewelry made of mascot stones: black onyx , hematite , heliodor , red jasper will help you succeed in your career and in sports .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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