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Sextile Saturn – Ascendant. The architect of his own destiny

Thanks to the positive power of sextile, Saturn does not limit the driving force of the Ascendant, but provides resources for the fulfillment of the most daring career goals and gaining a solid position in society. The main thing is to observe the strict code of rules of the lord of the time: honesty, decency, perseverance and humility in the face of difficulties. This means not to grumble, cursing the circumstances, but to plan clear actions to overcome the crisis. Then Saturn will support and consolidate the success for many years.

Until the age of 29, the native is given tests of strength, even if he does not think so, but he has the willpower and courage to overcome obstacles, in contrast to the carriers of the square and opposition, who need to develop them from scratch. The attraction to useful activity occurs intuitively, the person rejoices seeing the tangible results of labor, which does not mean the absence of artistic talents. Architects, sculptors and musicians with a unique sense of rhythm and form are also wards of this aspect.

Influence of sextile Saturn – Ascendant on destiny

Positive energy has a positive effect on the appearance, endowing the native with youthfulness, slenderness and extraordinary photogenicity. Men and women give the impression of serious, responsible and correct people, which brings the sympathy of high-ranking officials, instantly imbued with their trust. If the owners of the Saturn-Ascendant sextile meet expectations, then the take-off will be brilliant, and the patronage of influential allies will give protection not only to them, but also to children.

With the position of the planet of power in the 7th and 8th houses , any relationship will lead to professional success if there are no quadratures from Mars, Mercury, Pluto and Lilith in the same sectors. In the case when Saturn is located in the 3rd and 11th houses , there will be few friends, but each will have a fateful impact. Quite early, and regardless of gender, the native gets the position of a leader and scrupulously calculates the smallest nuances of responsibilities in order to bring a brilliant result to the common cause. Other characteristic properties of the aspect:

  • discipline, organization, heightened sense of justice, poise, secrecy;
  • the desire to show the world their best sides without bragging and pushing rivals with their elbows, restraint, good manners;
  • excellent sense of style, classic beauty, strict harmony in architecture, clothing, interior;
  • the need for stability and security prompts to get a job already from the student’s bench and retire early;
  • excellent financial intuition, ability to profitably invest and receive income from various sources;
  • stinginess, rejection of luxury and unnecessary spending on entertainment, especially if Saturn is in the 5th house .

The native’s coldness is just an appearance with Venus and the Moon in the signs of fire and water, but if these planets are in the element of earth and air, then sensuality is really reduced. These people do not like unnecessary touches and maintain a distance in communication.

Love and marriage with sextile Saturn – Ascendant

Do not expect from the owners of the aspect of romantic poetry or enthusiastic admiration for the chosen one. They don’t wear rose-colored glasses even as a child, preferring to accept a world with flaws and dark sides. They are reliable, serious and loyal partners. Men seek to take a fatherly position in relation to their wife, taking care of her and solving external problems, but one should not wait for diamonds and bouquets of roses, rather this money will be spent on durable purchases: furniture, washing machine, air conditioner.

This is not greed, just the bearer of the sextile Saturn – the Ascendant sincerely does not understand why to spend money on impractical useless things. Men and women of this type do not spare the means to create a respectable image in a strict style, but even here they expect that a Chanel suit will last for decades, acquiring one quality item. The same views are trying to instill in the spouse, which often becomes the cause of quarrels and divorces. They are suitable partners with a pronounced element of the earth along the Ascendant, Venus, Mars and the Sun.

Strengthening sextile Saturn – Ascendant with talisman stones

The owners of the aspect feel happy with the invariability of their favorite things and habits, the presence of high status and authority in the eyes of others. Any changes are perceived painfully, causing psychosomatic nervous diseases.

After 30 years, they are able to transgress moral principles in order to keep the familiar world intact. In part, this forms conservatism and blocks flexibility in communication, which is reflected in the weakening of creative and sexual energy. Therefore, the classic stone-talisman of Saturn, blue sapphire , is recommended only with additional negative aspects that weaken the planet of power, as well as when positioned in the signs of fire, otherwise there is a risk of turning into a stone statue.

It is important to add creativity and vitality to the strengths of the lord of order. This will be helped by minerals selected according to the element of its position in the horoscope:

airmarble onyx , fluorite, ametrine, iolite, chalcedony ;

fireblue sapphire , spinel, alexandrite , sardonyx;

earth – tiger’s eye, granite, dioptase, agate in brown and gray shades;

waterbelomorite , jadeite , serpentine , black onyx , obsidian .

Jewelry with these stones is worn for the first time on Saturday, symbolically connecting with Saturn through an action that requires concentration and perseverance, or physical exertion.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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