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Trigon Mars – MC (Midheaven). The king works

Trigon is called the guarantor of a person’s life luck. It helps you easily achieve your goals: obstacles magically disappear, the right people and circumstances are attracted. He endows with talents and the desire to show them to the world in the most favorable way.

Mars is an ambiguous planet. If you walk along its top floor and show courage, endurance, confidence in victory, the trine with Meridian Midheaven will bring leadership positions, a lot of money, a stable ascent to the heights of a career and an immense respect others.

Influence of Trigon Mars – MC on fate

In spiritually developed people, the aspect is manifested through positive ambition. Yes, man really wants to become famous and to lead the fate of the world, but he works hard and tries to be a warrior of light, destroying darkness.

Sliding down to the lower steps of Mars, the native blocks the positive energy of the trigon. The alliance with the planet of war is short-lived: if you get angry, fiercely fight for a place under the sun, instead of a confident systematic proof of professional reliability, then the aspect can only reflect the attacks of envious people.

In any case, men and women with the trigon Mars – MC are resolutely moving towards the goal. They like to compete and compete. At a high level of development, they perceive it as a game, and defeat only provokes new achievements. It is worse if the native is not burdened with moral principles. In this case, he can easily commit malfeasance in order to get a high post.

People around you feel the leader’s energy coming from the native and strive to become faithful companions, so there are no problems with friends. However, Martian selfishness can very well lead to misunderstandings and breakdowns in relationships. It is easier to manage a trigon, knowing the main directions of its influence:

  • sexual charisma manifests itself during the period of professional demand: a person flourishes at work, even without possessing classical beauty;
  • willpower, energy, activity, a fountain of ideas and understanding of their practical application;
  • conservatism in a good sense of the word, adherence to traditions, protocol, loyalty to the oath and word of honor;
  • physical endurance: they are able to work day and night if they are doing what they love;
  • an excess of creative energy of an applied nature: the talents of a designer, tailor, jeweler, repairman, agronomist and architect, regardless of the main specialty;
  • the desire to be a lone leader and not depend on the decisions of other people;
  • striving for a leadership position, although the carriers of the trigone are less likely to defeat the owners of the Mars-MS connection.

Trigon speakers have money problems due to the ease of doing the job; they don’t know what to pay for when they haven’t done anything special. It is important to adequately assess the result and not perceive your work as a hobby. Although it is the hobbies of youth that bring them success in their careers. They are brilliant politicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, military men and engineers.

Personal relationships

The native’s mother is a strong and self-sufficient woman who created herself from scratch. Most likely, she has her own business and complete financial independence from her husband, or she is raising a child alone, rigidly and disciplined, tempering him and encouraging him to go in for sports. Thanks to this, men and women with the trigon Mars – MC are able to survive in any difficulties and feel comfortable while staying in a student hostel or in harsh military conditions.

If the Sun is in a masculine sign, for example in Aries , then the father is the leader of upbringing. It is possible that the ambitiousness and independent thinking of parents will contribute to the choice of a profession, although with the position of Mars in the signs of fire and earth, a person will only listen to himself.

As a business and marriage partner, carriers of the trigone choose strong and independent personalities, passionate and ready for anything for the sake of their beloved business. A great option is a family business. Success awaits them also under the leadership of a man whom they are proud and admired.

Practical interaction with the trigon Mars – Midheaven

With the affected position of the Sun and additional negative aspects to Mars, you will have to gain victory in the professional field through trials. The easiest way is to overcome obstacles and cope with enemies that are inevitably attracted by the excess of Martian energy, the owners of Mars in Aries , Capricorn and Scorpio . Positions in Taurus , Cancer, and Libra give passive success to expectant tactics, but provide greater security.

Excess aggression in the competitive struggle is shown to be removed by physical exertion, intense walks in the mountains and in nature, by farming in the country. It is necessary to choose a profession in which you need to constantly prove your competence and competitiveness. Sports anger is necessary for the maximum inclusion of the trigon Mars – MC, the main thing is that it does not pass on to the personalities of rivals, which will lead to crime.

Astrologers recommend that the owners of the aspect often wear red, and use business accessories of this shade at work. Decorations with natural scarlet stones will also help to protect against enemies and attract good luck: rubies , garnets , corals , jasper , hematite .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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