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Trigon Sun – MC (Midheaven). Influencer’s luck

The sun in the horoscope personifies an active life position, will, creative energy and health, thanks to which a person successfully achieves all important goals. Trigon is a positive aspect, strengthened by the unification of the planets standing in the signs of the same element. This facilitates the promotion to fame and professional realization designated Meridian sky Mid . The native leads the masses, instantly realizes dreams, enjoys the sympathy and respect of both the upper and ordinary strata of society.

But there is also a dark side: the habit of winning and being loved does not prepare you for trials and stress. Laziness, complacency, inability to limit one’s needs often leads to the collapse of a brilliant career, because it is important not only to develop along the trine, but also to follow the highest ideals of the signs of the planets and the zodiac affected by the trigon, especially if in addition to it there are many oppositions and tau-squares .

The influence of the trigon Sun – MC on fate

The positive aspect gives the owner of the horoscope clarity of thinking and vision of his place in life. From an early age, he knows what he wants, and fate throws up a lot of favorable circumstances and opportunities to prove himself.

The main thing is to be a leader in those areas where the Sun and Midheaven are located in the 10th house . Most often, the native chooses an activity where one can be in sight, if the communication participants are in the element of fire and air: politics, show business, sports, marketing, diplomacy. Earth signs will prefer fame in the field of finance, and water signs will choose creativity alone with themselves, where a laurel wreath is awarded after the fact: literature, music, painting, photography, poetry.

Without active actions, the force of the trigone goes out, and the person loses the ability to defend his interests, fear of public speaking and responsibility, apathy and carelessness appears. It is important to carefully study and productively use all the nuances of the influence of the Sun – MC trine on fate:

  • success comes through proactive actions on their own, bold demonstration of talents and outside support from superiors;
  • huge needs for wealth and fame are justified by the desire to work tirelessly to obtain them;
  • a stake on the positive qualities of a leadership character: honesty, fairness, generosity, intelligence and inspiring charisma;
  • professional growth has a beneficial effect on harmony and mutual understanding in the family, gives love and admiration to loved ones;
  • a happy marriage is often associated with work: acquaintance at the workplace, on a business trip, thanks to a public speech;
  • the ability to get along with people who have a different system of values ​​and unite them into a single team;
  • practicality is successfully combined with idealism and the desire to create a new beautiful reality for everyone.

Trine Sun – MC conflicts occur when you have to choose: to remain true to yourself or to meet the expectations of society. If the participants of the aspect are in water signs, or the Ascendant and Mercury are there , you need to listen to your intuition. In other cases, close people who brought up the bearer of the horoscope will become the conductors of information.

Personal relationships

Parents or their substitute guardians, as well as the first teachers at school and institute, who laid the idea of ​​success in their heads, have a huge influence on the life of a native. Holders of the trine Sun – MC rely on their judgments, form them into a system of personal values, sometimes adopting the dreams of their elders and striving to fulfill them, for example, Alexander the Great traveled half the world, led by the passion of teacher Aristotle to see the end of the earth.

Sometimes this is for the good and makes them famous, but often their own desires are hidden under the need to meet the high expectations of parents and society.

The native’s mother is a bright and strong nature, holding a high position in her chosen activity. She also puts a lot of energy into raising children and guiding them to the top of their careers.

At work and in personal relationships, the trine bearer is lucky if he follows solar principles, showing himself as an opinion leader, active and charismatic. The regal appearance and demeanor, combined with the cordiality of communication, attract the right partners for business and marriage. Success in a career with the trigon Sun – MC always contributes to good luck in love.

Practical interaction with trine Sun – Midheaven

The aspect acts constantly throughout life, if a person sets goals and goes to them. Any long passivity and idleness in business are excluded here. You need to start by lighting up the Sun according to the sign of the zodiac and the house of its position. It is important to maintain warm and trusting relationships with family members, especially if the main star of the horoscope is in the 3rd , 4th and 7th house . Here it is already useful to be friends not only with parents, but also with brothers and sisters, and with additional connections with Saturn , even with elderly family members.

You should strive to communicate with representatives of high society, leading an active lifestyle, successful and prosperous. The necessary environment will strengthen the native’s ascent to Olympus in the chosen profession, while pessimists and cynics will definitely lead aside or undermine self-confidence.

Prestigious sports are shown astrologically: tennis, golf, alpine skiing. It is recommended to choose a university with an ancient history and a big name in a large metropolis, so that it serves as an excellent recommendation in itself.

Jewelry made of diamonds , sun stone , amber , citrine , chrysolite , heliotrope , zircon , framed in yellow gold, will become excellent talismans of success and protection from enemies during the Sun-MS trine .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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