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Uranus in the 4th house

The planet of revolutionary thinking and unexpected turns of fate, falling into the 4th house of the horoscope, portends to the native an extraordinary relationship with the family and place of residence. With a harmonious strong Uranus, a person grows up in a house with original furnishings and architecture, with many modern gadgets, or lives in an exotic country. These are the children of the indigo generation, free from prejudice.

One of the parents, most often a mother, has an unusual profession, hobby and free outlook on life. Independent family relationships do not foster emotional warmth, or the native does not receive it from the father.

A weakened planet makes the atmosphere at home unbearable – conflicts, relocations, problems with electronics, struggle for personal freedom with a father or mother. Sometimes, in order to find inner harmony and become himself, the native has to leave his native land early and live separately from his family. It is better to think over the move from an astrological point of view, so that the transit of Uranus gets to the 3rd or 5th house .

The 4th house of the horoscope also shows a person's childhood hobbies, which lay the foundation for personality, and the circumstances that must be avoided at the end of life, so as not to bring him closer prematurely.

Influence on the character and circumstances of life

The owners of Uranus in the 4th house do not consider the dwelling as a fortress-refuge. They either do not attach importance to decoration and cleaning, cluttering the rooms with interesting things, mainly computerized devices, or they prefer an emphasized extraordinary style to make their apartment stand out from others.

A house or one room can be decorated odiously – in the form of a subway car, a nightclub, a photo studio, if only outside the box. Internet and creative lab are a must. The nature of a wanderer makes them rent a house so that they can change the situation.

Women with Uranus in the 4th house love to rearrange furniture and throw away old things. Men are not homebodies, they need an active social life, or a lot of guests. Long-term coexistence of all family members electrifies relationships, which leads to thundering conflicts and quarrels. Regular travel, business trips and just walks will help to avoid this.

The position of Uranus in the 4th house manifests itself very early, endowing the native with certain features that must be taken into account for a safe and peaceful existence.

These children:

  • outwardly they may be different from their parents, they often think that they are foundlings, because they protest against the traditions and upbringing systems adopted in the family;
  • conflict with brothers and sisters, developing in their personal coordinate system;
  • can get severely injured and be in the hospital for a long time before the age of 7 years;
  • not endowed with a sense of duty, responsibility to others;
  • relationships with parents range from love to hate;
  • early start to get involved in unusual things – the occult, aircraft modeling, hang gliding.

Not getting the opportunity for self-expression, a person with Uranus in the 4th house can simply leave the family. But the clues from the Higher powers and inner insights occur at his home. Until 7 and after 40 years, you should avoid staying on the balconies and the roof of the house unaccompanied, you cannot sit on the edge of the window sill – the danger of heights.

Interaction of Uranus with the signs of the zodiac

Symbolically, the 4th house is ruled by Cancer, the position of Uranus here is initially weakened, and it is she who creates opposition to family values ​​and parental power. The desire of the native to reform the system of relations will depend on the sign of the zodiac, where the house and the planet fall , and the presence of additional aspects :

1. Aries, Sagittarius, Leo – the home furnishings are luxurious, rich, the native is trying to increase his financial level and prove that he deserves more than he received in childhood. Conflict with parents for power in the house, desire to leave for another country.

2. Taurus, Libra, Gemini – an intelligent family with warm relationships, the house may have works of art, exquisite interior. The native chooses a bohemian and nomadic lifestyle, denies the marriage institution, may have several partners.

3. Capricorn, Virgo – parents attach importance to the observance of external decency, work, education, opposition is associated with the choice of an unplanned profession, unwillingness to perform routine duties.

4. Scorpio, Cancer – strong conflicts with relatives about personal freedom, interests and plans, choice of religion. The native leaves home early, leaves the country. Outwardly, he also opposes himself to his parents and brothers-sisters.

5. Pisces, Aquarius – the position of Uranus here is supported by the friendly energy of the constellations. A person feels good and comfortable at home, he travels a lot and learns other cultures, but happily returns back, where he is loved and expected. Sometimes his parents give him too much freedom.

Favorable and negative aspects

With the harmonious aspects of Uranus in the 4th house with Venus , Jupiter , Sun , Mercury and the Moon, a person receives moral and material support from parents and relatives, despite the existing disagreements.

Sudden improvements in living conditions, a profitable acquisition or inheritance of real estate are possible. At home – an exquisite interior, the latest technology and electronics, there are always many welcome guests, parties and intellectual disputes, which makes the native's life interesting. He meets old age in secure conditions, in the circle of relatives.

Negative aspects with Mars , Lilith , Moon , Saturn make a person's dwelling potentially dangerous at the end of life – robberies, fires, electric shocks and falls from a height are possible. In his youth, he is accompanied by failures with the acquisition of his apartment, he can live in a hostel, quarrel with neighbors and relatives. Damaged Neptune – alcoholism and drug addiction in the parental home, Pluto – robbery and fraud.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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