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Jupiter Sextile – Ascendant. Cheerful traveler with a fat wallet

The Ascendant is an ascending sign that determines behavior in society and the speed of gaining a place in the sun. Jupiter is the planet of great happiness, the patron saint and protector of the owner of the horoscope. United by the most favorable aspect – sextile, they promise the native quick popularity, love of the public, and especially loyal friends, through whom come happy opportunities for career advancement, enrichment and fulfillment of destiny.

If you manage to avoid bragging and idle talk, then the owner of the horoscope is the soul of the company, a generator of ideas, forming a team from scratch, and later a company, conquering a decent segment of the market. He will never be left without money, but he earns it artistically, with an adventurous touch. It is important to refrain from breaking the law, which can happen in a childlike way if the native plays into a great businessman.

Influence of sextile Jupiter – Ascendant on destiny

If the owner of the sextile Jupiter – Ascendant needs help in some matter, sometimes it is enough for him to think about it for the right person to ring. It is difficult for him to ask, but having mentioned a problem in passing, he sometimes gets an answer to a question not only directly from the interlocutor, but also from unexpected sources, for example, from a random fellow traveler or an unfamiliar colleague who overheard the conversation. Yes, and the native himself does the same, helps, barely learning about a difficult situation. He is impulsively generous, but the money spent always returns to him through other people. In communication, carriers of the sextile Jupiter – Ascendant are drawn to solid and respectable representatives of the upper social strata, but having a weakness for flattery, they are often released into the environment of selfish and unscrupulous careerists.

  • generosity, sincerity, ambition, fairness, openness in communication;
  • high growth, tendency to be overweight, large facial features, powerful charisma of a leader;
  • confidence in personal success, the right to fame, luxury and large sums of money;
  • love of entertainment, delicious food, lush cultural events, social events, sexual frills;
  • development takes place during study at a university, travel to European countries, cooperation with foreign partners;
  • the habit of living beyond our means, on credit, embodying the image of a rich man in the eyes of society;
  • the need to translate everything into a joke, to laugh at problems, but a painful reaction to ridicule.

A distinctive feature of the Jupiter – Ascendant sextile is the syndrome of a traveler in search of an ideal country or city. But since there are none, he wanders from one point to another, changing rented apartments and luxury hotels, afraid to miss the best place in the sun.

Love and marriage with sextile Jupiter – Ascendant

Men and women with this aspect rarely get attached to someone for real. They are afraid that strong feelings will interfere with their grandiose plans to advance to the top of the social Olympus. A marriage of convenience on an equal footing, with mutual sympathy, of course, is clearer and more familiar. If Jupiter is in the 7th or 8th house , and the Ascendant is in the signs of the earth, then wealthy and promising people will be considered as a partner, and attraction to the poor or problematic will be a reason for a fleeting romance and nothing more.

The wards of the sextile Jupiter – Ascendant will not deny themselves exciting passionate adventures, but they will marry only with the owner of a strong social status or state, because they think too highly of themselves to live in a hut even with a very dear chosen one. The native has a pronounced interest in foreign cultures, and since he spends most of his time traveling, romance or marriage with a representative of another country is likely, especially if Venus is in Sagittarius .

But when the planet of luck is in Cancer , it is not recommended to leave your homeland. At the very least, you can move with your chosen one to your city and start a joint business and family there.

Strengthening the sextile Jupiter – Ascendant with talisman stones

The owners of the sextile will be happy if they have the freedom to fulfill ambitious goals, so that at any time they can break into a foreign business trip, an archaeological adventure related to the search for treasures, or simply relax without restrictions in different parts of the world. To do this, they strive to establish a personal company as quickly as possible, delegate tedious work to employees and manage from afar, indulging in entertainment on the road. Talisman stones will help you choose the right path to wealth and a successful career. It is important to consider the element of the sign in which Jupiter stands:

fireyellow sapphire and zircon , heliotrope , citrine ;

water – paraiba tourmaline, lapis lazuli , aquamarine ;

earthyellow jasper , dark garnet , turquoise ;

air – sunny and blue topaz , amethyst .

Fortune stones are set in yellow gold and worn on the index finger of the right hand. You should buy and put on the jewelry for the first time on Thursday, and the mineral should be chosen large and noticeable.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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