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Uranus Sextile – Ascendant. The rebellious sail is looking for the storm

A planet in a relationship with an ascending sign that most strongly affects social behavior and career success, from birth to old age is reflected in appearance and ways of interacting with people. Given that sextile is the most favorable aspect, the native will receive the brightest and most advantageous sides of both sides of the aspect, but when the ambiguous and unpredictable Uranus is involved in tandem , you can never be sure of the 100% positive influence of the king of impulsiveness and daring creativity.

The native seeks adventure and always chooses opposition to the mainstream in both politics and art. The secret dream is to lead a new wave that sweeps away old attitudes and beliefs. At the same time, there is no aggression in him and he is not interested in the destruction of dissidents. It is simply important for him to dominate and receive an enthusiastic recognition of his uniqueness. However, there will be plenty of enemies and threats along this path.

Influence of the sextile Uranus – Ascendant on fate

Since childhood, the owners of the aspect stand out from the crowd for their non-standard behavior, bright, and sometimes odious choice of clothes, and complete disregard for authorities. True, thanks to sextile, it arouses the sympathy of others and attracts people who are able to respect the courage of choosing to be different, to support and redirect creative searches to favorable conditions: theater, fashion, art and music studio, dancing.

It is important for a native to listen to intuition, and not calls to settle down, forgetting about the true vocation, then success will come despite the stereotypical ideas of society.

Originality and innovation are the two main keys to prosperity and happiness, especially if the Sun is in Aquarius , Libra , Gemini , Leo and Sagittarius . But even if the daylight and Mars are in the signs of the earth, a person will never be boring and shy, he simply monetizes his exotic style and lifestyle.

Among the famous bloggers and Instagram stars, there are many people with the sextile Uranus – Ascendant. The enemies of success are lack of measure and tact, excessive openness and sincerity. To control the circumstances, it is important to know the key features of the aspect that affect the fate:

  • sharp mind, erudition, rich imagination, eloquence;
  • originality, intuition, sociability;
  • unusual beauty, stereotypical defects in appearance make a person attractive: squint, protruding teeth, birthmarks in prominent places become the highlight of a personal brand;
  • indifference to wealth, titles, fame, prestige;
  • the desire to experiment with appearance, getting a secret pleasure from the shock of others: purple hair, a jacket with sparkles, this is about a native;
  • irritation due to monotonous work, boring, standard-minded burghers leads to revolutionary groups;
  • aversion to discipline, timetable, dress code;
  • success in freelancing, creative and scientific activities in foreign companies without deadlines and formal style.

Uranus Ascendant Sextile is attracted by an unusual and creative environment. Friends are the true wealth of the ward aspect: through them favorable opportunities come, news of important events, where fateful acquaintances and changes for the better await.

Love and marriage with sextile Uranus – Ascendant

Men and women are equally freedom-loving and financially independent from their youth, because either they have adapted to earn money in order to choose what they like, or have learned to do little for the sake of peace of mind. Therefore, if they fell in love and want to get married, then this will definitely happen, even if all the relatives are against it. Especially when Venus is in Aquarius and Gemini . A native cannot be convinced that the chosen one does not fit in terms of culture, mentality, education, it does not matter to him.

And the carriers of the sextile Uranus – Ascendant fall in love with strange, eccentric, albeit sometimes brilliant, out of this world people with an exotic profession, appearance and behavior. Since karmic mechanisms are involved here, it will not work to separate the lovers.

They will either be happy in a society-strange union in the style of a hippie and a love triangle, or, with the position of Venus and the Moon in earth signs, over time the need for stability and tradition will prevail and the native will come to his senses. But the craving for people with a predominance of the element of air in the horoscope will remain forever.

Strengthening the Uranus sextile – Ascendant with talisman stones 

Creativity, freedom, travel are three keys to the native’s happiness, but sometimes it turns out to be impossible to find them because of contempt for the system, unwillingness to bend over to the boss, inability to find a way to earn money with a free schedule. The stones, conductors of cosmic energy, will help stabilize Uranus , channel an inventive mind and daring fantasies into the channel of hard work and effective planning instead of chaotic movement. It is important to take into account the element of the zodiac sign in which Uranus is located:

fireopal-harlequin , heliotrope , multi-colored tourmalines, rubies with color transitions, mystic topaz ;

earthvariegated jasper , agate , carnelian , obsidian ;

waterlapis lazuli , amethyst , serpentine , pearls with an iridescent tint, mother of pearl;

air – fluorite, electron, beryl , azurite .

Uranic minerals will be more beneficial when set in titanium alloys or platinum, and preferably worn as a ring on the ring finger or as earrings.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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